ProtectHer [pruh-tek-ter]


      1. a person who supports, encourages, protects and respects all girls and women

         John is a protecther; he always stands up for the girls in his life.  


     2.  to support, encourage, protect and respect all girls and women

         Jane said, "Please protecther, she's my little sister and she's going to be a freshman next                year. I want her to have a kickass year and I want to make sure she is safe. 

What started in a locker room 

After working in girl/ women's empowerment for over a decade, Alexis was asked to give a talk to the top eighteen quarterbacks in the country on the "importance of respecting women." When it aired on ESPNU it went viral and a week later everything with Ray Rice came out and suddenly she was That Girl giving tough love talks to male athletes. Overnight she was hired by Division One locker rooms all over the country and ProtectHer was born; an I AM THAT GIRLS' initiative that invites, inspires and educates guys on how they are not simply the "problem" when it comes to violence against women,  but they are also the cure.

Became a movement

After spending years speaking to athletes across the country (Alabama, University of Texas, USC, UCLA, Berkeley, UGA, West Point, The Naval Academy) the #MeToo movement exploded and Alexis was hired by Fortunate 100 companies (Google, Facebook, NIKE, NETFLIX, DELL, Pepsi) and invited to speak on big public stages and private backrooms with Hollywood elite, top military commanders, powerful politicians, renowned thought leaders and passionate activist to tackle the issues of power dynamics, societal inequalities, radical inclusivity and more than anything, solutions moving forward. With over 830K views, Alexis' fifteen minute TEDx talk (below) also went viral. Compelled to do more and with the help of a dream team, the ProtectHer documentary (below) was made as a tool to engage, inspire and educate people on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses so they can join our movement to celebrate all the incredible men doing it right.

We encourage you to host your own viewing party and to be a part of the solution as I AM THAT GIRL calls on all ProtectHers! 

"This isn't a women's issue, it's a human issue and we've never needed great men as much as we do right now."  - Alexis

ProtectHer: The TEDx Talk 

ProtectHer: The documentary 

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