Women as Sexual Objects


For centuries women have been viewed as sexual objects. OBJECTS! As in non-human! Not cool people, not cool. The biggest problem is that we start to believe it. So, the first step is be aware of it and the next one is to make it stop.

Let's Chat

  • How do we still think of or represent girls and women as sexual objects?
  • Prostitution is having sex in exchange for money or material goods. How do you feel about prostitution?
  • What are some examples of objectification? Where do they come from? How does it affect us as a gender? And as a world?
  • Are men ever objectified? Talk about that.
  • How does using a woman’s body to sell something affect how the world views women? Why do advertisers still do it? Is it because it works? If so, why does it work? Does it change your feelings about the company or product?





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