Why We Need More Amy Poehler's In This World

By: Shauna Richardson, Guest Blogger

I'm sure you've all heard of Amy Poehler, star of the amazing show "Parks and Recreation," queen of "Saturday Night Live," and author of the book, "Yes Please." If not, go YouTube her right now because you will quickly understand how awesome she is.

The point of this article is basically me shouting out to the world: WE NEED MORE AMY POEHLERS! For a woman that is so talented and respected in the world of comedy, she can be serious. And by serious I don't mean scary. I mean a good serious. A beautiful serious. She is such a positive woman who is full of brightness, knowledge, and thoughtful insight. She encourages girls, teenagers, and women of all ages around the world to embrace their smartness, their inner beauty, their outer flaws, and their true potential. In addition, she pushes us to give out more kindness in a world that is desperately in need of some TLC. She believes that by being our true, SMART selves, we can and will change the world.

I think sometimes being smart and serious is perceived as being too uptight or "boring." Well, I'll say one thing right now: there is NOTHING boring or uptight about being smart and about being serious. I'd like to encourage all of us to embrace our smartness and pick up our dusty books, open them, and let our social media accounts go to sleep for a while. Instead of getting a mani/pedi with the best friend (nothing at all wrong with that... just want to throw that out there. I love me some shellac), go for a hike and explore the world and each other's ideas. Instead of picking up a beauty magazine for some tips on how to get that perfect complexion, grab a magazine that focuses on healthy foods and gives you tips on what will make your body healthier. Try to evoke a deeper purpose in all that you do.


Making a difference in this world doesn't mean you have to be scary serious. You can change this world with a smile, with an idea, with softness, with you just being yourself. Our true selves, the parts of us that have never changed or been jaded by society and are still hiding somewhere deep within, have so much shimmer and life that it would be impossible to have a world that's void of color. I want to live in a colorful world. A world where us girls are being who we truly are: laughing so hard we look ridiculous, walking out the door with no make-up on, dancing like we are the world's best ballerina, partaking in random acts of kindness, believing in ourselves like we are a superwoman of some sort, not caring what other people think of us, and truly loving ourselves and each other.

All of those things remind me of the type of woman I'd want to be. I don't want to be the model that's plastered on billboards that has been edited and airbrushed. I want to be the girl that laughs so hard and is so full of life and color that other people feel inspired. I want to be an Amy Poehler, a walking ball of sunshine that knows how to love herself and other people.

Changing the world does not have to be scary serious. It can be beautiful serious. It can be comedic serious. Yes, that sounds odd. But you can change big issues in this world with humor and simplicity. The biggest key to unlocking all of the color that is ready to be unleashed into this world is within us. I'll say it again: we need more Amy Poehlers in this world.

The ones who care about making someone laugh instead of caring about their approval, the ones who'd rather use their brain than a beauty tip, the ones that are the believers and the dreamers that want to help another person heal, the ones that will open their heart and speak up and candidly to others. I strongly believe that we all have some Amy in us. It's just about breaking down walls that we've built up over the years, and allowing our true selves to emerge. I believe that once walls are broken, and hearts are opened we will really begin to see the world change. This year is the year for girls. Let's move forward with some beautiful seriousness!

Let's chat! What persona or qualities do you wish to see more in the world? Who is your role model? Tell us here!

About Shauna

SHAUNA_RICHARDSON.jpgShauna Richardson is an actress, writer, and model based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her main goals in life: to never stop reflecting, to help others, always take pictures, and to show young girls around the world their immense worth and value. Personal instagram: http://www.instagram.com/missshaunarae

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