Why I Believe in WORDS

By: Anushe Noor Faheem, Regular Contributor

What is the importance of words in our lives? Has anyone thought of that? Words are the most important thing in our lives because they make us unique. It may seem foolish or sentimental in this world, but words are what we have, and you can’t express what you think without them? Well there are a few words that we must believe in as well! And that's what I AM THAT GIRL’s WORDS campaign was about: Believing in the words and feeling that they all relate to you!


image courtesy I AM THAT GIRL

When I downloaded the kit, several friends asked how would it help me or anyone, ever? Well, what they lacked was belief in those words. Those six words—electric, beautyFULL, loyal, bestie, fearless, and dreamer-- are something that can really change lives if we believe them! I believe that I'm electric, beautyFULL, loyal, bestie, fearless and a dreamer! I probably am to someone! Seems stupid and dreamy, right? Not to me and that's what this is all about! WORDS are just a start to belief. If you could believe in these words, you could believe in being you! That's what you are. You are the six WORDS!

People might accuse you of not being realistic, yet you're a dreamer! They might say that you're not appealing, but you're beautyFULL! They would say that you're not "cool" but you're electric! They'd say you're boring, but what's more than being loyal. They'd say you're anti-social but you're that bestie one would love to have! They think you're outspoken, pfft they don't know, that's what we call fearless! And all these WORDS, form one thing and that's YOU! And you are THAT GIRL!

You believe and that's what you are. Never stop believing!

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How do your words shape and impact your life?

  • Start to pay attention to the words you say--about yourself or others. Are they positive and energizing or are they negative and toxic? Make your words count!

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