The Tale of the Small Town Girl with Big City Britches

By: Xuxa Day, IATG ContributorSeptember 29, 2016

I'm sure you're familiar with the fairy tales we've been spoon-fed as young women about damsels in distress and Prince Charming. The storyline paints the expectation of dandelions and sparkles. However, people fail to tell the version of your twenties, when you're all grown up and looking to feed your soul with your passions. Let's start, shall we?!

Once upon a time, in a town far far away surrounded by fields of cotton and dirt roads was born a brown girl fascinated with magazines. Although she couldn’t quite pinpoint what lured her into the words describing the next season’s goodies, she kept an article nearby like a bedtime story. As the girl grew, she moved from her humble beginnings of overalls to a city where the Metro ran late and vintage buildings existed. At that moment, she was reminded that her fascination with high fashion set her apart.

Toting her magazines along with her and being victim to rude stares, she exclaimed wanting to move to a castle in Chicago (ahem, more like a studio close to downtown). She would visit the kingdom and meet queens with ambition and tremendous street style. Once arriving back to her village, the girl would daydream and plot on what it would take to make it to a kingdom of such fortuitous realms.

After her last journey, she mustered up the courage to create a plan. Outside of her village, she felt at oneness and ached for that sense of belonging. She would make a world she fit into by writing. She could conjure up any scene, whether it be a ladies brunch, sightseeing a showroom, or even sitting front row of a runway. The village thought she was mad and that her methods were unconventional, but she thrived on their disbelief.

Soon the girl began to set her plan in motion.

The more she wrote, the more people from the kingdom began to notice, along with many others all over the land.

In accepting her passion when it came to garments, the girl connected on a broader spectrum. With these connections, she no longer felt alone, but encouraged to keep pursuing the kingdom of Chicago. There were busy streets, but also a pulse that riveted throughout the streets that the girl could not deny. There were markets she could draw inspo from, such as Saks with windows full of mannequins like an editorial shoot from Vogue.

The girl continued to write, and her stories took her farther than she could have imagined, but there were plenty of late nights, time away from her family, and other costs. Despite the obstacles that she had to go through, she came out on the other side. Now you can find her spreading her story from land to land bringing her just that much closer to the kingdom. Toting her magazines along with her here and there, there are still plenty of outraged stares, but now, in return, she smirks. The brown girl from the village knows that she is not the only one. She stands proud that her journey may be a long one but not one for any old fairytale....

Her story is for the magazines. In an article, the girl will tell her story for another girl to grab off of a Cherry Oak coffee table and know that she, too, fits in.


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We all have dreams that may seem crazy at times, but they’re only crazy if we never try to pursue them! Write down some of your loftiest goals and wildest dreams today. Then, try and take a small step towards achieving that dream today!

About Xuxa:

Xuxa.jpgXuxa Day is the creator of IATEKATEMOSS. The twenty-something writer is drawn to  the fashion industry and exudes authenticity with her writing style and knack for editing. Think Vogue but with whimsy.



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