Thank Goodness for Kelly Clarkson

By: Devin Riggs, Regular Contributor

I make no secret that Kelly Clarkson is not only my favorite music artist, but she’s also one of my personal heroes. Kelly is known for her empowering anthems like “Since U Been Gone” and “Stronger” and her most recent studio album, Piece by Piece, went #1 on the charts and #1 in my heart. I play it on repeat everywhere I go. I wake up to her most recent single, “Invincible,” almost every day. On May 29th I woke up to find it now has its own music video.

And we definitely need to talk about it.

Let’s talk about the representation. The video features a diverse cast of young women from all walks of life embracing their vulnerability and celebrating their strength. Chelsea Hill, who was paralyzed in a car accident involving a drunk driver, was a poignant addition to the line-up as she danced in her wheelchair throughout the video. It includes many different types of women with many different types of struggles. Each of them is uniquely beautiful in exposing themselves to the pain and the joy of life.

“Beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall
Cause I can take on so much more than I had ever dreamed
So beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall
Cause baby, I am ready to be free”

Let’s talk about empowerment.  This video is all about lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Each woman has her own cube to break out of, her own story to tell, and her own moment to soar. They know there is power in vulnerability. These women support each other, allowing the others to be themselves—dancing together, breaking through together, and rejoicing together. They are survivors pulling each other through, breaking free, and thriving.

“Now I am a warrior, a shooting star
Know I got this far, had a broken heart
No one hears the silent tears collecting
Cause it's being weak, but strong in the truth I found
I have courage now, gonna shout it out
Teacher, I feel the dots connecting”

Let’s talk about the cubes and the dancing. I don’t think there is a human alive who hasn’t felt like they were trapped in a box at one point or another. You lose hope. You feel helpless. And it’s so hard to smash your way out of that box, to prove to yourself that there is more for you in the world. But you can. You can be free from the boxes other people put you in. You have the power to be more. And you have the power to celebrate your truths. Dance like only you can dance. Run like only you can run. And run towards freedom. Run towards happiness. Run towards love and self-appreciation.


I wake up every morning grateful that Kelly Clarkson exists, that this video exists. We need more of this in the world. We need more full, bright and genuine love like hers. This is the type of message we should be sending young girls. This is the type of message we should be sending out into the universe: positive, self-loving, and confident joy, not in spite of pain and suffering, but in reply to it.

That’s what Kelly has taught me. And for that I thank goodness for Kelly Clarkson.

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DEVIN_RIGGS.jpgDevin has a degree in education with a focus in English. She is working to publish her first collection of poetry while also learning the art of patience. Her passions include Doctor Who, penguins, hats and scarves, potatoes, dancing, photography, and making people happy. She believes in the healing powers of music, spending time in the great outdoors, and a good night sleep.



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