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Woohoo, you found a chapter near you! Are you doing your happy dance yet?? Now is your chance to belong to a community that will have your back, lift you up, see your greatness, and listen to what you have to say. It's a community that not only lives in your town, but exists all around the world. Joining a local chapter will light you up from the inside out - you will get to express, discover and love exactly who you are alongside girls doing the same. You will be part of a culture that stands for each other and speaks whatever truth there is to share, without limitations.

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  • Alessa Infante
    commented 2019-04-04 03:08:49 -0700
    Being a part of a group of women that inspires and supports eachother to be our best selves!
  • Voy Taylor
    commented 2019-01-27 18:06:36 -0800
    Girls gangs rule

    It sound like a cooler version of NAM or a sorority
  • Amber England
    commented 2019-01-25 20:44:55 -0800
    I’m very curious to what this organization consists of. I have been researching organizations at Texas State for women’s empowerment, but I am leaning more towards the social justice aspect for women and how we can move this process farther along through advocacy, policy, and so on. I would like to be a part of something that works toward real social change for women and I am curious if this organization could provide something like that for me.
  • Tawnee Jowell
    commented 2018-09-23 20:41:29 -0700
    What excites me most about this organization is the fact that the only requirement to join is to be a woman and to be comfortable empowering other women. What on earth could possibly top that?
  • Lacie Spencer
    commented 2018-08-30 17:19:45 -0700
    I am most excited about meeting a fantastic group of women that love themselves and would help others feel the same way!
  • Ashley Ruiz
    commented 2018-01-23 20:03:44 -0800
    I read the book and love everything it stands for! The empowerment and motivation is amazing!
  • Danielle Davis
    followed this page 2017-07-29 10:52:44 -0700
  • Danielle Johnson
    commented 2017-07-06 22:54:07 -0700
    I moved to San Marcos back in January, and have been wanting to make friends. I’ve been checking out the clubs and this particular organization caught my eye; I feel this is a wonderful opportunity to spread kindness and self-love, and so I knew I had to be apart of it! There is nothing that I love more than women lifting up fellow women! I know I’m a bit early to be asking (since the fall semester doesn’t start for awhile) but how do I join, and when would the first meeting be?
  • Destiny Campos
    commented 2017-02-06 08:40:20 -0800
    To be apart of an organization that empowers women and gives motivation to everyone.

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