Stop Stalling, Start DOING!

By: Yasmeen Kumar, Regular Contributor

Enough talk. You said you’re going to do it and now it’s time to get it done. Not after the next episode, or a quick snack, right now. I think we can all relate to that lazy feeling and endless procrastination, but now with the school year starting it’s time to buckle down and get to work.  Here are my simple tips on fighting laziness and getting stuff done.


  • Get up early. Don’t sleep in until noon and waste your entire morning, set your alarm at a reasonable time and wake up when it rings. The earlier you start the more time you have, the less you will stress about getting everything done, and you’ll have tons of free time after.
  • Put on some actual clothes. As comfortable as our sweats and yoga pants are, they don’t exactly scream “let’s get down to business!” Put on some jeans, or something that you would wear to school or work. Brush your teeth, shower, and do whatever you normally would do to get ready, even if your work is at home. Doing this will put you in the mindset that it is a work day.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Enough with the sugary cereals and unhealthy foods that make you feel sleepy and gross, and have a balanced healthy meal. A bowl of fruit will keep you feeling fresh and awake all morning.
  • Prioritize. Figure out what needs to be done and do that first, try not to get caught up in just doing all the easy things first. Unfinished work can become a major hassle, so try and finish one thing before moving to the next.
  • Take breaks, but don’t procrastinate. A ten or fifteen minute break every hour is a great way to go as long as you get back to work after.  
  • Eliminate distractions. Cell phones, Facebook, and TV can turn a simple project into a daylong endeavor. Just put it away, whatever is going on online can wait a few hours. Listening to music can be a great motivator for some, but for others it just slows you down. Figure out what works for you.
  • Use a planner. Planners are a great way to keep track of your workload. As inconvenient as they may be to carry around, they really help. Do a checklist every night, make sure you have whatever has to be done, done.

So let’s stop talking about doing all the stuff on our “to do” list and lets start crossing stuff off. You’ve procrastinated far too long. Turn off the TV, put the phone away, and get down to business. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did!

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We ALL procrastinate to one degree or another. The thing is: it takes WAY more energy to stall than it does to dig in and get things done!

  • Try one of Yasmeen's awesome strategies and tell us what you discovered!

About Yasmeen

-9.jpgYasmeen Kumar is an anti-poverty activist, blogger, animal lover, and band geek. Having started Helping Homeless Vancouver- a local anti-poverty initiative, Yasmeen is working towards a dream of getting people off the streets and into permanent housing. Outspoken, compassionate, fierce, and driven, Yasmeen is ready to take on the world and make some serious change. ;        @yasmeenkumar








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