Sophie Max, Grants Intern

I am THAT GIRL because I know that it is my unique gifts and dreams that make me powerful. I am THAT GIRL because I'm not afraid to speak up for what I believe in. I am THAT GIRL because I  work to make all people feel seen, heard, welcome and celebrated. 

My I AM THAT GIRL story: I discovered I AM THAT GIRL when my friend stared a chapter at my acting conservatory in New York. I AM THAT GIRL is such an empowering community and it taught me that my voice has worth and vulnerability is the greatest strength. I AM THAT GIRL's values seeped into my daily life, helping me find my self worth and confidence in my acting career and inspiring me to write and publish my book 'list and found', which was released last January. After the GIRL 2017 event I was inspired to become an intern and it has been an honour to give back to this organisation that gave me so much, as well as to work with the whole badass team! 

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