Sing a New Song and Never Stop Dancing



Things happen that are beyond our control, and we are placed in a position with no choice but to react. It�s in those reactions that we find the true definition of our character. We are called to react to things ranging from the mundane to truly life-altering events. But how often do we respond with intention and take the opportunity to look inward at what our decisions mean to our own lives and the world around us?


Two weeks ago I found myself dating a man I knew to be rare and good. The connection was strong, and our time together was only filled with authentic expressions. Then an e-mail arrived that changed everything. The correspondence presented an unexpected opportunity that raised new challenges, and threw this budding relationship entirely off course.


You see, the path we had been traveling was a familiar one. It wasn't complicated or particularly challenging; it was just effortless and enjoyable. In fact, I once joked about it being the modern-day vignette opener to Grease with the sounds of "Summer Nights" playing in the background. The sounds and feelings of a new relationship are familiar to many, and we were simply dancing to ours.


That aforementioned e-mail had arrived out-of-the-blue and would reveal that the ensuing weeks, and perhaps months, would be consumed with work deadlines and pressure. Finally, with a heavy heart, both of us respectfully acknowledged we were no longer living in an environment that had the soundtrack to "Summer Nights" playing in the background. I was being called on to let this relationship go by doing what was necessary and right, despite those necessary actions being in direct conflict with my feelings.


��I walked into church on Sunday morning with a heavy heart and a faint smile on my lips when only a week before there had been a light in my eyes. I was processing the events that had taken place earlier in the week with little focus on the words being spoken as the greeter welcomed the church community. The lights dimmed, the music began, and all I could hear was the stunning vocalist repeating the chorus line of "Sing a New Song."

My eyes swelled with tears as I found myself reacting to this line that had managed to touch my soul in an instant. I have always been, and will continue to strive to be, a woman of unwavering hope and faith. I believe that we must trust in the events of the world without always knowing the greater context and press forward.


I had entered the sanctuary that morning lamenting the loss of a potentially exciting relationship. I walked out of the sanctuary, though, feeling empowered to stand a bit taller knowing that even when the music stops playing, you should never stop dancing. This is more than just a call to be optimistic and think happy thoughts; this is an act of faith and trust in the greater context of the life we lead. We don't ever wholly know or feel in control of whatever chapter is being written at that moment, but we can trust that there’s a reason for it all to be revealed in its own time.

So the next time you find yourself reacting to events beyond your control, I encourage you to “Sing a New Song,” and remind yourself to never stop dancing.

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