Signs of a Good (or Bad) Relationship

Let's face it: sometimes you’re so involved in a relationship, you can lose sight of some things that really matter. Great relationships can be the absolute best! They can also be a huge distraction from taking the time to do you. And YOU are the #1 love of your life.

Let's Chat

  • What challenges do you face to maintain friendships when you're in a relationship?
  • What are some red flags you've seen in relationships? Why are they hard to recognize (or easy to ignore) when you're in it?
  • What are your "deal breakers" - physical, emotional, intellectual? How do you communicate them?
  • Why is it important to maintain friendships, relationships with others, and time with yourself when you become a couple?
  • Have you ever brought red flags to the attention of a friend in a relationship? How did the conversation go?





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