Sharing Happiness - It's In Our Biology!

By: Danielle Meeker, IATG ContributorSeptember 22, 2016


Okay, picture this. It’s the first day of my brand new Hawaiian job, and I’m sitting in an air conditioned office, anxiously waiting for a tour and my uniform and to go through all the rules of the job. Even though I was an intern here for the past five months, this was essentially starting over, a new chapter so to speak. But even though I was gearing up to meet a ton of new trainers and learn a whole different job, I thanked my lucky stars that one of my closest friends from the internship was sitting in the chair beside me, checking her texts and waiting with the same apprehensions. We were hired together on the exact same day.

Now, two years later, she’s one of my best friends. 

It seems like we’ve known each other for so much longer, but Facebook just reminded me the other day that it’s only been a couple of years that we’ve been “officially friends.”

It was like that from the get go. She and I had common interests, the same sarcastic sense of humor, and a fierce love for animals. To me, we bring out the best in one another. I’m the logical one. I bring her back down to earth when things might get a little too crazy. She’s the adventurous one. She gets me out of my box to go hiking or go to the beach when really I would be perfectly content in my air conditioned Starbucks. We seem to have gone through about ten years worth of stuff in about two…getting our dream jobs, going on all kinds of adventures, her getting engaged and having a baby, and me throwing myself into the job.

I haven’t had many friendships that just work like that right off the bat. In my 25 years, I think it’s happened three(ish) times total. What makes it such an anomaly? With those people, I was more open and more willing to share things about myself. I actively wanted to keep talking, keep the conversation going, and once you find one thing in common with someone, it snowballs and suddenly you share hordes of hobbies. Then eureka! You have things to do with them! Not all friendships are going to last, and that’s okay. Once you put yourself out there and find the right people, they’ll be with you for a long time. As the BFF and I tell each other all the time, “You’re stuck with me!”


Let’s Chat!

Do you have a friendship soulmate? Show them a little extra love this week. Send them a nice text, surprise them with coffee, or simply ask to spend some extra time with them. Simply let them know how much they mean to you!




About Danielle:

DANIELLE_MEEKER.jpgDanielle has a BA in English, emphasis in Creative Writing. She is a marine mammal trainer on Oahu, working with dolphins, sea lions and penguins. She loves singing, photography, iced coffee, and everything water related. Check out her YouTube channel DanielleMeekerTalks and Instagram @dmeekertalks.


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