Sex + Shame


Girls freely use the word "slut," but sometimes forget the strong consequences of "slut" shaming. A double standard still exists where we shame women while praising men for having sex freely. We want to support girls making empowered choices, and lift them up when they make choices that dis-empower them. The last thing we would ever want to do is bring them down and shame them.

Let's Chat

  • What does the term “slut” mean to you? What does “slut” mean in our society?
  • What is an example of slut shaming you can think of in the news or in your own life? How did that affect that girl’s or your life?
  • How does “slut” shaming affect a girl’s safety? Do you think “slut” shaming can lead to, provoke, dismiss sexual assault or rape?
  • What role does “reputation” play in the lives of girls? How does it affect a woman’s personal, social, school and professional life? How does this differ from the role of “reputation” in men’s lives?
  • How can you help stand up against “slut” shaming (big or small)?





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