Each one of us is a treasure, but some girls cause themselves harm to dull the pain they feel, and for many other reasons. How can we learn to handle all this world throws at us without harming our bodies and ourselves? And how can we support those who are harming themselves?

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  • Those who self-harm explain it as the need to do something physically painful to themselves in order to cope with their negative feelings. What are some positive ways you cope when you have negative feelings?
  • Self-harm can be triggered by a home environment where feelings aren’t discussed. Who is someone in your life you feel safe discussing your feelings with? How does this help?
  • How can you support someone in your life who struggles with an emotional disorder and/or self-harm?
  • Self-harm is often misunderstood in our society, blaming victims of trying to “get attention.” What are some ways that you could educate your community on the truth about emotional disorders?
  • Have you ever harmed yourself? Talk about it.





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