Sara Habibullah, Recurring Features Intern

I am THAT GIRL because I know who I am, I know my worth, I love and respect myself, and I shine that love and respect onto others. And no matter what life throws at me, I remain loyal to my most authentic self and I encourage others to do the same.

I found out about I AM THAT GIRL through a friend who knew about the organization and was looking to start a Chapter at UCI. As soon as I got in touch with the rest of the IATG community I was in awe- nothing but girls who are fighting the good fight and building a foundation of love and support for one another? I felt like I had stumbled upon a goldmine! I was hooked with the message and the feeling of this community and every position I have strived after since- from Chapter Leader to Intern- has been in attempts to spread the word of this org and give back in hopes that it’s message will reach and benefit other young girls as it did me.  

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