Run Towards It

By Megan Minutillo, Regular Contributor

I was walking with friends…we had just celebrated Cinco de Mayo. The sun was shining. New York City was buzzing…life was good. As we parted ways, I decided to go to Urban Outfitters to get those sunglasses that I had been eyeing…

…I randomly decided to go down one street, to cut across an avenue.

And our spot practically hit me in the face.

I had forgotten all about it. Completely. Until I was staring at it - brick to eyeball.

And I thought, Shit.

It's been six years - why am I still feeling like this?

Cause if I'm being honest ladies, the thought of him can still stop me in my tracks.

And so I was that crazy lady on 93rd street, resting against a brick wall, staring into space. Walking, really, down memory lane.

It's funny how we can suppress memories up until a certain point, and then it's as if our body and brain just take over, and the things we wanted to forget come rushing back to the surface.

All at once.

And it can be so very overwhelming.

But, I promise, there's a lesson in this for you my dear sisters - and it's just this - breathe.

Yes, that's it.


Stop where you are, and just…breathe.

Acknowledge the pain, the hurt, the questions unanswered…and breathe.

Remember the good, because girl, that's ok. That's what made you who you are today. It's ok to relish in the beautiful moments. It's ok to remember things that made you happy - what's not ok is to live in the past.

The past can haunt us. The past can break us. The past can keep us locked in the life that we thought we were supposed to live - and keep us from the life that we were going to lead.

And nobody wants that for you, dear girl.

For you were meant to live your dreams, to shed the chains of what once held you down.

You were meant to fly into the future.


So let your past fade away. Recognize what was, and learn from it. Set your sights on what can be and run towards it.

Let's Chat. Have you ever been stopped in your tracks from a memory? What from the past are you holding on to? What can you be running towards instead? Tell us about it here!

About Megan

MEGAN_MINUTILLO.jpgMegan Minutillo is a playwright, director, and founder of the arts and education site, The Write Teacher(s). Her articles have appeared in HelloGiggles, So Worth Loving, I Am the Modern Career Girl, and Glass Heel. She is currently at work adapting her show, Ghosts in My Vodka, into a musical.



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