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Woohoo, you found a chapter near you! Are you doing your happy dance yet?? Now is your chance to belong to a community that will have your back, lift you up, see your greatness, and listen to what you have to say. It's a community that not only lives in your town, but exists all around the world. Joining a local chapter will light you up from the inside out - you will get to express, discover and love exactly who you are alongside girls doing the same. You will be part of a culture that stands for each other and speaks whatever truth there is to share, without limitations.

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  • Casey Atamaniuk
    commented 2018-10-04 14:03:41 -0700
    What excites me about joining this IATG chapter is that I was born and raised in Redondo Beach CA and attend South High School, a local high school just down the street from Redondo Union High School. Growing up in the South Bay, as well as all my years in school were the absolute best. I still am best friends with a majority of my high school friends and frequently visit my parents in Redondo Beach. However, while I had the best high school experience and was surrounded by BOTH strong male and female influences, I realize that this is not the case for a majority of kids growing up. My goal in joining in this IATG chapter would be to be that mentor, be that strong female influence for girls that might feel lost, confused and alone. At at time where this so much female empowerment, I hope to continue to this in the younger generations, and unite females not discriminate against each other. We are one team!
  • Danielle Davis
    followed this page 2017-07-29 09:40:33 -0700

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