Rape Culture


Rape and sexual assault are some of the most underreported crimes in America, and 80% of victims are under the age 30. IT IS NOT OKAY. WE NEED TO SPEAK UP, STAND UP, and change this NOW.

Let's Chat

  • What constitutes rape? Sexual assault?
  • Are you comfortable saying no? Share different ways to say no in different situations (a boyfriend, a date, etc).
  • What are some ways you can prevent yourself from being in a situation where you might be pressured into doing something you don’t want to do?
  • Why do girls often feel ashamed of and responsible for rape?
  • Why do so few girls report sexual assault?
  • How we can create a more open culture among girls – where discussing and reporting rape is supported and accepted?
  • What role do men play in preventing rape and sexual assault?





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