We have 24 hours in every day. What you do with your time is a direct reflection of your priorities. Do yours match up?

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  • Make a list of the things that are most important to you (friends, school, work, personal time, etc). Then, look at your schedule from the last couple of weeks. Compare the list of priorities to your week - how much time do you spend on the things you say matter most? What activities that weren't on your list take up your time?
  • How can you shift things in your schedule so that your priorities more closely match how you spend your time?
  • When you know your priorities, you can start to master the art of saying "no" to make space for the things that really matter. Do you find yourself saying "yes" even when you don't really want to?
  • When you prioritize, it creates space and time for other things in your life. What are some things in your life you wish you had more time for?





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