Pleasure is a primary part of the human sexual experience. Experiencing pleasure is a part of being healthy, connecting with yourself, and taking care of your body. We couldn't possibly talk about sex without discussing the very important element of pleasure. After all, it is arguably the most pleasurable act we can experience, and it was made that way for a reason.

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  • When people have sex, how important is pleasure?
  • Knowing yourself means knowing what you like and don’t like. And the next step is being able to express that to the person you're with.
  • How can we empower ourselves to create our own self-pleasure? Talk about self pleasure. Do you have questions about it?
  • What do you think of the term "sexual self-esteem"? How can understanding your own body empower you?
  • Avoiding talking about and thinking about pleasure can lead to feelings of shame around sex and pleasure. Why is it hard for people to talk about pleasure?





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The Responsibility of Your Own Pleasure






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