Period Problems

All girls get their period; yet no one talks about it. We are. In order to know ourselves and our own bodies, we need to learn more about how our bodies work.

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  • When you first got your period, did you feel prepared? Do you now?
  • Tampons - do you use them? Are some healthier than others?
  • Books like The Red Tent describe a time where women were exiled from the community each month during their menstruation. Some cultures, past and present, view a women's menstruation as a time where she is unclean or unholy. How do you think it would feel to live in a society like that? What does your culture say about periods?
  • Getting your period marks the beginning of a girl's body preparing for the possibility of having children one day. What are some of your thoughts around having kids?
  • Do you feel shame or embarrassment about your period? What if it was something we celebrated?
  • What are the stereotypes surrounding PMS and women's behavior? Are they true? Do they help or hinder the way we view periods?





What is a Period?

The Female Reproductive System

All About Menstruation

Coping with Common Period Problems







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