Passion Meets Action

“There's a lot of activism that doesn't deal with empowerment,
and you have to empower yourself
in order to be relevant to any type of struggle.”

Talib Kweli

Activity 1: Heart-Core Feminism

    • Identity classifications

      • Race

      • Ethnicity

      • Socio-economic class

      • Gender

      • Sexuality

      • Age

      • Body / Ability

    • Define each classification in either small groups or as one large group. What are some common injustices or stereotypes that you see or have experienced regarding these identities?

    • Discussion Q’s:

      • What do each of these identities mean to you?

      • Are there any in particular you identify with the strongest?

      • Do you have any examples of prejudices / stereotypes regarding these identities?

    • Share Identities + Preferences

      • Using these, or the countless other identity markers, share with the groups all the ways you identify, and how you have experienced the world through that identify.

      • This is a good time to express things like: your preferred pronouns, subjects you feel comfortable talking about, subjects that feel triggering for you, etc. 


"Privilege + Compassion" TEDx Talk // Peggy McIntosh (author of Unpacking the Invisible Backpack)

    • What are your reactions to what Peggy shared?

    • Did any of it make you uncomfortable?

    • Do you agree that everyone has a combination of privilege and disadvantages?

  • Action Plan

    • After discussing solutions as a group, put your plan to paper. What can you do at your school or in your community to help combat these injustices?


Resources for you:

  • PhilanthroParties by Lulu Cerone, a Los Angeles teen who founded LemonAID Warriors

  • Worksheet to accompany Peggy McIntosh's TEDx Talk

  • "The Power of Privilege" TEDx talk by Tiffany Jana

  • "We Should All Be Feminists" TEDx talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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