Girls matter.

Girls receive over 3,000 messages a day telling them what they aren’t and I AM THAT GIRL exists to help them celebrate what they are.  

I AM THAT GIRL is looking for partners who are interested in going one level deeper, to host meaningful conversation, and create space where they can become part of the solution.

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  • Shraddha Varma
    commented 2018-01-03 12:41:35 -0800

    It’s such a pleasure getting in touch with your organization.

    I am Shraddha Varma, Cofounder of Fuzia (, first of its kind women’s only social media platform on web. Our endeavour focuses on bringing gender equality through the focus on skill development of women of all ages. We have more than 3.5 million of followers from all over the globe along with thousands of users on our website.

    We believe that women are the greatest reservoir of untapped talent and through Fuzia, we encourage them to take the stage. Instilling confidence in the female minds is the first step we need to take in order for women to speak up for themselves and that’s what we aim to do.

    They can share their thoughts in any form (writing, art, photography, videography etc) and join a global family of women where each member empowers each other. We also have features like Fuzia Jobs/Internships, where women can find freelance jobs from the comfort of their homes and Fuzia Counsellors that are always available to solve everyone’s problems.

    Furthermore, we keep weekly campaigns/contests on our website encouraging users to share their work and rewarding them for it through cash prizes, vouchers, goodies and certificates.

    It would be an honour for us if we can figure out a collaboration opportunity that works for both of us and which can let more women and girls know about Fuzia . Fuzia is a global platform that has helped thousands of women find a voice and there are many more out there who can benefit from the work we do; your organization can help us connect with the many talented and powerful minds that follow your work.

    PFA the white paper on Fuzia; additionally, you can go through some articles that have been published about us-.

    Founder Riya Sinha recently received the Iconic Teen Entrepreneur Award in Women’s Economic Forum, here are the details-

    Hoping to hear from you soon and commencing a long and fruitful joint marketing effort. Best wishes,
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