Out With the Old

By: Tiarnan Hatchell, IATG ContributorSeptember 20, 2016


September is a month of change for many of us; we may be changing classes in school or even changing school all together. The seasons change from Summer to Autumn, the leaves start to change colour, our shorts and short sleeve t-shirts change into warm coats and sweaters. New friends are formed, and old friends are lost.

I’d like to talk about my own experience with friendship this past year. Over the last seven years, I was part of a group of friends in my high school. We didn’t always have classes together, but we would always make sure to meet up at lunch to talk and catch up. We would meet up in the same place every day for six years, but one day that changed.

I was waiting in our regular spot; school had just started back after a week break, so I was looking forward to catching up with my friends. But they never showed up. I decided to just brush it off as the rest of the group being busy or something. Then they started to show up at our place less and less, so I became suspicious, until one day I saw them gathered together in a new place without me. I confronted them about it and their only response was, “No one wants you in the group anymore.” This hurt. A lot. The guys I had known and grown with over the previous six years had left me. I didn’t like to go out drinking with them, I didn’t like to talk about girls with them, and I started finding myself liking things they never would. We had grown apart and they had taken action.

This summer is the first one where I’ve had no friends to hang out with. It’s been both a blessing and a curse. Not having anyone to hang out with means I grow bored more easily, and I often wish I had people to do things with. However, having more time alone to myself, as well as the extra time from not having school, means I have much more time to devote to enjoying my hobbies. I’ve been writing much more than in previous years. In fact, I’ve been working on a screenplay recently, and I hope to finish this one and another one by the end of summer. I’m also spending more time making music and trying to better myself with my instruments.

So while I don’t have people to spend my time with, I’m learning to enjoy my own company.

This summer, I’m also taking time to do a bit of growing up. I’m looking for jobs, and I’m preparing to make the transition from high school to university, where I hope to study film to help with my dream of becoming a screenwriter. Going to university is going to bring a lot of change into my life. I’ll be starting a new school I’ll be moving out and living on my own for the first time ever. I’ll be facing new challenges and experiences that I’ve never faced before. University will also allow me the opportunity to re-invent myself and start with a clean slate with new people. I’ll be working with strangers and living in the dorms with people I’ve never met. So in a way, maybe losing my friends in high school is the world’s way of getting me to meet new people at University. They say the friends you make at university will carry on with you throughout your whole life.

This September, I’ll be saying out with my old friend group and in with a group of new friends.


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Sometimes the difficult times we face can be blessings in disguise! Take some time today to evaluate your friendships. Are they positive or toxic for your life? Never be afraid to make big changes if it means that your soul will be happier!

About Tiarnan:

TiarnanBio.jpgI'm an 18 year old guy from Ireland. I am a fan of films and I love going to the cinema anytime I can, or else watching my favourite movies at home. I also love to write my own film scripts, poetry and short stories. I also love music and I am constantly listening to my favourite albums on vinyl, going to gigs or releasing my own music (www.idolisedidiot.bandcamp.com).

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