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By Glenne Fucci, Regular ContributorSeptember 23, 2015

Do you ever feel like you can’t quite figure out where you’re going in your life? You feel like you can’t put your finger on the things that make you most passionate and determined? Or, maybe you already know what makes you ready to take on the world, but you can’t determine just what you need to do to achieve those goals? Most of us have posed these questions to ourselves (probably on a more frequent basis than we care to admit), and while it may take us awhile to figure them out, we have one guaranteed asset that makes it a bit easier to discover: role models and mentors.


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Let’s face it, we live in a world that’s totally different from our parents’ generation. We have crushing student debt, a shifting job market, and the unfortunate characterization that we are so attached to our phones that we are indifferent to what’s going on around us. That being said, a lot of things have stayed the same over the past few decades. Women are still fighting their way into certain fields and getting a seat at the table of many facets of political and corporate globes. That’s why it’s so important that we turn to the figures in our lives, so that we may aspire to accomplish the same success that they have. I don’t just mean career success either, maybe it’s their philanthropic drive or their artistic abilities, but regardless of the reason, it’s so important to be able to look to someone in your life as inspiration for the person you would like to see yourself become.

Having a mentor can be even more enriching than just having a role model.

For example, some of my role models include Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Edna Adan (an incredible doctor in Somalia). As much as I would like all of these ladies to also be my mentors, alas I am not fancy enough to have such fancy mentors. Lucky for us, we probably have some pretty cool people that we encounter in our daily lives that make pretty good mentors. Maybe it’s that professor or teacher that’s always willing to sit down and chat about more than just homework or a test. Maybe it’s a boss at work that is always looking out for her employees and welcomes any questions or advice. Maybe it’s a family member who has been a guide through educational and professional experiences, But whether we have one or five mentors, we should be thankful for all the strong and inspiring ladies who support us on our path to success.

Girls, we also have to remember that we are role models and mentors to the next generation. Whether you have a formal mentor title (by definition I am a first-year student mentor) or you’re a leader in some other capacity, I’m sure there are plenty of girls in your community and your school that view you as their role model. We all like to have fun and be free, but we have to remember the context that we’re in and how we may be setting an example for younger (or even the same age) students and teammates. We also need to keep an eye out for our fellow girls and be of help to them when they need it. Even if we don’t have a formal mentor title beside our name, we should try our very best to be a positive role model for those around us.

One of the reasons that IATG is such a fabulous community is that it teaches girls to support and encourage one another, rather than tear each other down with negativity, which is the central tenet of being a positive lady role model.

So, the moral of the story is that we are all have mentors and are mentees; we all have role models and are role models. We have to think of what makes our role models so important to us and try to emulate those qualities in our communities. We have to inspire and dream big and follow our hearts. We have to be strong and smart and encouraging all in our own unique ways. But most of all, we have to support and empower our fellow ladies so we can all be the best versions of ourselves!

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