No Matter the Distance

By: Olivia Gardner, IATG ContributorSeptember 30, 2016


I have been blessed with a beautiful friendship with an amazing girl who used to live right outside my cul-de-sac. We think we met back in third or fourth grade, but we’ve been with each other for so long, we don’t even remember actually meeting. She would call the landline every day after school asking if she could come over, and we would hang out until it was time to part for the night to go to bed, never really wanting to leave each other. We would ride bikes and play games to just enjoy our childhood.

Middle school came. We would walk with each other to the bus stop, and our friendship grew stronger. But then I remember when the time came for her to move, and everything felt melancholy. However, despite the distance, the move just brought us closer and made our relationship stronger.

There are times when it’s just tears and times when it’s just laughter.

That’s what makes it wonderful, the openness and honesty we have with each other. We’re living and being and doing this friendship with all we have, and I’m thankful for it.

You know, there are moments in life filled with unforgettable happiness and others of undeniable sadness, as well as many other fleeting moments in between, and the ones we share those times with make them even more special.

So, this is a letter to the ones that are never far, the ones to always rely on, and the ones where you can pick up right where you left off no matter how long or how far the distance from each other. This is simply a “thank you” for being purely wonderful!

May you know that your presence is so loved, and when your presence isn’t possible, the memories and spirit of you remind us of all that is good. There is a certain hope that comes with having such a beautiful relationship, whether that be a friendship, significant other, or parent. It’s the hope that at the end of the day that you have that one person to call or text about any happenings and know they’re listening. You are special and a gift. You are light and love.

When you are struggling, my hope is that you have that one person to always count on, and if you are that person for someone, keep doing it.  Know that you’re worth it, and that you’re loved. Please know the gifts you have and use them. You are more than you know and have way more than you know. Keep on being!


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Reach out to an old friend this week. Distance can make relationships difficult, but you’re worth it! So recognize how incredible you are and how incredible your friends are, and respark the friendships in your life!

About Olivia:

Olivia_G.jpgOlivia is a senior in high school from Colorado. She's involved with cross-country and is one of the captains for the girls' team. Sci-Tech also plays a big role in her life. Her blog about life and inspirations is


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