Music Mondays: Angel Haze

Rapper, lyricist, and self-taught Tsalagi speaker Angel Haze is making her sizzling mark on the hip-hop and rap scene. What began for Angel as a "childhood hobby" of writing poems and lyrics has become in a few short years a ticket to success and music superstardom. 


The 22-year-old Detroit native resides in Brooklyn where she and her family relocated when Angel was 16. It was there that Angel became interested in writing and recording music. By 2009, Angel was attracting the attention of many online music blogs and websites such as, The Pitchfork, and Her first EP Reservation dropped in July 2012 and took part in the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Her music has been described as a breath of fresh air and resonates across cultural lines. In a recent Q&A for Jezebel, Angel spoke openly about working hard to make her dreams come true and the power of believing in yourself:

I think it's important to be honest about the fact that none of this is easy. Though we are all very different and special in our own rights, it mostly comes down to how hard you are willing to work, how little you are willing to let hurt you, and how relentless you are in your pursuits.You can do anything you want....if you can survive

Angel describes herself as an only "pansexual" person and a fierce advocate for equality, telling an interviewer for The Guardian: "Love is boundary-less. If you can make me feel, if you can make me laugh – and that's hard – then I can be with you."

Check out Angel's "Werkin Girls" and be sure to hit up all the tunes on I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday Playlist, updated each week!

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