"My sound marries the different parts of who I am," says emerging pop superstar Marley Munroe. "I love pop artists like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and P!nk, but I also listen to Billie Holiday and Donny Hathaway every day. My music brings those loves together. I don't want to be straight-up any one thing because I have so many different influences. I also love Coldplay and U2. I love big, epic, stadium songs. But I don't know how to do pop without the soul."

A native of New Mexico, Munroe's talents announced themselves early on and as a child she sang in church, at festivals, in school, at weddings, and at fairs. By the age of 12, Munroe had signed with a Christian label and began touring the country. After living in New York in her early twenties, Munroe's career took her to Los Angeles where she has bloomed as a singer. Her album, "Boomerang" shows off her impressive vocal range and styles ('60s girl grooves to Memphis RB influences) as well as explores different themes from relationship heartache to finding the strength and courage to leave your comfort zone and follow your dreams.

Munroe says, "I was born to entertain. It doesn't have to be a huge arena stage. It can be in front of two people in the studio. When I open my mouth to sing, I know I was born to do it. That feeling gets me out of bed every morning. It makes me feel alive like nothing else."

Check out Marley Munroe's single "Broken Windows" and browse all the awesome tunes on our MUSIC MONDAYS playlist!





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