Microfinance as Women’s Empowerment


All around the world, more women live in poverty than men. Micro-finance organizations like Kiva (kiva.org) have been successful in helping women start their own businesses and get out of poverty. Interestingly, women have proven to be a better investment than men with micro-financing. Yeah, ladies!

Let's Chat

  • Why do you think women have proven to be better investments than men?
  • What does this say about the potential of an entire society when they begin to support their women and help them flourish
  • What other tools or strategies could help eliminate poverty?
  • Why is this important to everyone, regardless of where you live? What can we do to better support our women?
  • What personal experience do you have with poverty?
  • How did your experience affect you?
  • What can you do in your community idealing with poverty?





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