Mental Illness


Mental illness takes many forms and is more widely accepted now than ever before. Even with more acceptance, people still misunderstand and judge it. If we don’t talk about these things out loud, it only makes it worse. So let’s not be afraid to get uncomfortable and say things that aren’t said, or we risk leaving people feeling more alone. And we’re not down with that.

Let's Chat

  • What does mental illness mean to you? What do you think of when you hear the term “mental illness?”
  • What experiences (your own, family member, friend) do you have with mental illness – mood disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, etc.?
  • How have your experiences shaped/changed your understanding or view of mental illness?
  • How can we bring more awareness and acceptance to people with mental illness?
  • How does the label of “mentally ill” affect those with mental illness? Personally? Professionally? Socially?





Facing Mental Illness

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