Live Life to Express, Not Impress

By: Shannon Gardner, Guest Blogger

This headline has become my mantra of 2015, as I often struggle to attain a healthy mindset while balancing social media outlets. Social media has, over the years, become a time-consuming addiction in my daily life. In an age where we have a choice of “liking” or “disliking” edited slivers of others’ lives in a simple click, it’s no wonder I have often times found myself caught in the whirlwind of social media madness!

With a new year comes the gift of executing fresh insights, and my resolution is to utilize social media solely as a happiness-enhancer. When I find it leading to comparison, the draining of my self-worth or even the slightest bit of anxiety, I will simply log-off or “delete” my account.

Ladies, we have enough worries and stresses in our daily lives! Our worth should lie in our own self-perception and our authentic, tangible relationships. Those who matter in our lives will “like” us on social media, but far more importantly, they will love every bit of us in person as well. They will love us beyond a filtered photograph, a witty tweet or a Facebook “poke.” They will love us for our laughter, our tears, our beautyFULL flaws and the heart-to-heart moments we share with them.


May the year of 2015 fill us with each of us with a renewal of mindfulness and presence in daily life. May we power down our handheld screens during meals and devote our time, attention, and energy to the people we spend our lives with. May we focus on creating a life that feels wonderful from the inside out rather than one that appears wonderful from the outside.

We are fortunate to have social media; it is a source of news updates, a means of staying connected to special friends, and a place to share our powerful insights. It can also be a place of vulnerability, truth, and self-expression if we let it. However, when it becomes a place where we aim to attain an unachievable perfection, we should rethink our intentions. After all, we must frequently remind ourselves that at the end of the day, the only person we need to impress is our own beautyFULL self.

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About Shannon

shannon.jpgShannon is a psychology student at The Ohio State University studying to be a school counselor. An optimist, dreamer and traveler from Upstate New York, she loves leading I Am That Girl Local: Ohio State Chapter and working with young kids. In her free time, Shannon enjoys running, photography and coffee dates!


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