Listen to Your Heart

By: Kate Krassowski, Regular Contributor

“Well, then, why should I listen to my heart?”

“Because you will never again be able to keep it quiet. Even if you pretend not to have heard what it tells you, it will always be there inside you, repeating to you what you’re thinking about life and about the world.” –Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist’

Being able to listen to our hearts is an incredible skill. Most of the time I’m so distracted by Facebook or Netflix to take a moment to really think about what I’m feeling. I want to learn to slow down more and take in the beautiful life that surrounds me. But more important than being able to listen to our hearts, is that trying to silence them is even harder and more harmful to our futures.

I spend so much energy distracting myself so I don’t have to listen to my heart, and I’m trying to drown out what it’s telling me to do. I’m on my phone and turn on the TV because I don’t want to pay attention to what my heart is telling me to do. It’s not cable’s fault or Apple’s fault; it’s mine. I choose to fill my life with the noise.

I’m afraid to turn everything off and go after what I want for two reasons. First, what if it’s not what I really want. What if I want the ideas in my head and the daydreams I create, but not the reality of it? What if I enjoy wishing and hoping more than succeeding? Second, what if I get what I want and then miss the life I used to have? It’s so daunting to decide to leave my comfortable routine and run full speed ahead into the life that my heart is so desperately trying to get me to realize I want.


I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but life is scary. And following your heart is scary. There are all these judgments and pressures and expectations that make it easier to wonder ‘what if’ than to actually find out ‘WHAT IF?’ What if I am as awesome as I know I am and I actually succeed? What if these dreams and passions aren’t dreams at all, they’re our destinies and our purpose? In the spirit of the New Year I’m challenging myself to live more than I talk, and do more than I don’t.

Don’t talk about what you want or what you wish you had, go live it and fight for it. Say ‘yes’ and DO MORE. Saying no is good, and taking time for yourself is healthy, but don’t just sit around waiting for something to happen. Get out there and change your world, laugh uncontrollably, and hold on to life in its purest form. Don’t try to avoid what your heart’s telling you, it will just pound harder and knock louder. Your heart doesn’t want you to live with regret, or to live a life less than what you wished for.

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Kate encourages us to "do more than we don't" and to always listen to our hearts. Why do you think that following your heart's desire is so scary? Is it always worth it in the end?

About Kate

Kate_K.jpgShe moved to Los Angeles from Cleveland, OH after graduating with a B.A in Film Production from BGSU. She is passionate about speaking out against how women are viewed in the media and being part of changing it.

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  • Billie S
    commented 2015-01-20 21:38:24 -0800
    I have had many of these thoughts myself. I am striving to lead with my heart. I am a small business owner, and it is scary as heck. I have a beautiful healing gift (Reiki) and I am trusting in the Universe to allow me to express it. Hold the vision with me. I know I make a difference in people’s lives almost everyday now. Now I’m trusting that I will have enough paid clients to continue to do what I love.

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