Lift Each Other Up

We are here to lift each other up, not break each other down. Collaborate, not compete. We are so much more powerful together than we are apart. Something really important to understand is that hurt people, hurt people. We doubt ourselves enough, we don't need help from each other. What we need are people who lift us every time we so much as whisper a word of self-doubt. So that's what this community is all about - lifting people UP! It's a game changer, one where everyone wins.

Let's Chat

  • What does it mean to lift each other up? Share a story about a time you’ve supported someone. When have you asked for support? What did you learn and how did it make you feel?
  • How has technology made it easier to support each other? How can you use technology to better promote positivity?
  • Why do you think girls have a hard time supporting each other? How can we change our "mean girl" culture to be a culture of lifting each other up?
  • What does the phrase "Hurt people, hurt people" mean to you?
  • How can you be more aware of the way your words affect someone else? What words do you use that might be negative? What words can you replace them with to give someone a boost?





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