Life 101


You are the author of your own life! How will your story unfold? Be a creator, make a plan, know your options, set your goals, and get the support you need to build your dream life.





Defining True Success


The desire to be seen as successful is really important in our world. Everyone defines success differently. Understanding what success means to you is key.

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Discovering Your Passions


Some people find their passions as easily as they find their favorite fro-yo flavor. Others may search for a long time to discover their passions. How do you figure it out?? Try things! Be adventurous. Learn what you like and don’t like, what you’re willing to take a stand for, and watch your passions grow as YOU do.

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Personal Mission Statement


Mission statements help people find their purpose, tell their stories, and express their values. Girls like YOU can use this to remember why you’re here and what you want to make of this life! Use these questions to help you create your own personal mission statement, write it large and in charge, and put it somewhere that will inspire you to live it every day!

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Your Future

Knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life can be an overwhelming thought. And the truth is, even people who know don’t really know, because anything can happen. So here’s the trick… just start somewhere. Paint yourself a mental picture and then let life unfold the way it does. In the meantime, lining up a game plan is always a great idea.

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Setting Goals


Setting goals are like finish lines that motivate you to run the extra mile. Once you put your goals out there and create a plan to make them happen, you are SO much more likely to achieve anything you want. Seriously, ANYTHING is possible.

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We have 24 hours in every day. What you do with your time is a direct reflection of your priorities. Do yours match up?

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Making Decisions


Tough decisions are a part of life. Get educated. Know your options. Rock those choices!

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The Power of Words


Words = power. They create our reality, they represent our character, and they make a difference in people’s lives. Rock your words and you’ll rock the world.

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Ker-ching! Financials


Allowance, savings, bills, credit: it's all about money, honey. Whether or not you're used to handling money, it's more important than ever to understand how your money works and how your

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Time Management


Do you ever wish there were more hours in your day? So much to do, so little time. You can learn to make the most of your days (not to mention boost your happiness) by managing your time like a ninja.

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Beyond the Daily Grind


Sports, community service, clubs, and all the other activities that keep your fire ignited - all of these can bring rewards and challenges!

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Choose a Mentor


Anyone who’s ever achieved greatness has had someone to look up to along the way. A mentor tells it like it is, represents someone whom you hope to be more like, helps you find your path, has your best interest in mind, and asks you the tough questions that make you the powerhouse that you are.

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