Kindness, Compliments, and Erin Condren Inspiration!

"You've got a beautyFULL brain and a smokin hot heart!"

"No one rocks code like you, girl!"

"I'm so grateful you're such a good listener! Thank you!"

It's World Compliment Day Fabulistas! We know in the IATG Nation, EVERY day is world compliment day, but today's a great reminder to pay some love forward to everyone you meet! We're super excited to use THIS World Compliment Day to tell you about an incredible collaboration with one of our friends, inspirations, and feel-good-compliment-queens: Erin Condren!

Erin had such a blast supporting our IATG 2014 Retreat (Check out the AHmazing video here!) that she wants to kick the fun up a notch by creating some gorgeous, stylish, sweet IATG-exclusive personal products just for YOU! CLICK HERE to check out these fab, inspirational must-haves:

  • I AM THAT GIRL Cover: Pink, grey and white laminated interchangeable cover for any Erin Condren Life Planner
  • I AM THAT GIRL Planner: To organize any and all your personal needs
  • I AM THAT GIRL Notebook: Be part of this movement with your own notebook to take on-the-go
  • I AM THAT GIRL Bundle: Compliment cards, markers, a pen holder and a tote bag to hold all your accessories

What's more amazing: 25% of the proceeds go to IATG to help launch local chapters, energizing others to transform the lives of girls all over the world!


Get organized, have fun, and dig into your passion for impact! Giving back never looked or felt so good!

Share the love with your favorite fabulistas about this outstanding gear and, as Erin says, make a commitment to put some play into EVERY day!

xo IATG Family



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