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By: Lorene Belotti, Guest BloggerDecember 29, 2015

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As I’m looking for a job, I’m glancing through a lot of job ads for very different positions. Each time I’m interested in something, I ask myself: would you fit in at this place? Would you be able to be truly yourself in this position?   

Two weeks ago, a girl from a temporary work agency called me for a job. She explained it was a job involving prospecting for new clients and that I would have to be a “true hunter.” That phrase made me want to run away. I’m the opposite of this. I’m not the kind of person who can “force people” to buy something, and I would have been uncomfortable trying to sell expensive websites to people, convincing people who barely can make their small business survive that yes, they absolutely need my product.

I tried to put myself in the shoes of this “hunter” type person, trying to convince myself that maybe I could do it because it would be an experience but above all because I need to work. I lasted 5 minutes; I knew it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t do something that was in such conflict with my character and values.

Call me a dreamer but I’m sure I can find a job where I feel good, meaning my values, convictions and character are respected. I just have to find someone who shares my vision and I know this person exists.

Nothing matters more than integrity, and you’ll never be more efficient in your job than when you feel you belong.

A lot of people, especially women, think they need to conform to a job because they believe they have to, in order to be accepted and to please everyone. Let me tell you that the first person you need to please is yourself.

I’ve never been so proud of myself when I walked away from a job interview where I stood up against a mean woman who tried to bring me down and tried to prove to her colleagues how powerful she was.

Maintaining a certain degree of “you” doesn’t mean you’re not flexible or you can’t adjust. It simply shows you are a person with a character, with values and beliefs. You’ll earn even more respect expressing your limits and showing how strong you are.

Staying true to you is actually one of the biggest, most interesting and most rewarding challenges you’ll have to face in your life. Don’t be scared, stand up for yourself, you’re strong enough. Never forget you’re braver than you think.

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