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By: Rachel Benbrook, IATG ContributorSeptember 18, 2016



When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it’s only recently that we have become comfortable with the idea that women are just as capable as men. There’s been a disproportionate ratio of female entrepreneurs to male entrepreneurs, and it’s because men and women work differently.  Women network, consult, and think differently when it comes to business, according to the director of Worn creative agency, Carolyn D. Rush.

I first came across Carolyn and her independent creative agency, Worn Creative, when she was mentioned on my sorority’s national homepage. When I asked her to do this interview she graciously agreed, saying she loves to pass on her wisdom to other women.

After graduating from Auburn University, Carolyn moved to Washington DC where she worked as a consultant and met the woman who would go on to co-found Worn, Nicole Aguirre. Rush then took a leap of faith and decided to open up the NYC office. The mission of Worn is to empower women to lead. Rush states that having a mission has always been important to her. She believes it sets them apart from other agencies whose mission is simply to, “make cool things”. The idea is that by focusing all their energy and support on helping women who are running their own businesses, hopefully that will have a trickle-down effect and there will be more women in the workplace.

“It is very hard for women to be in business. We are passionate about giving back to women who are running organizations. We help women refresh their brands. We’re a full service agency so we do everything from strategy and research, packaging design, web design and video campaigns.” Some of our clients have cited it as therapy, Rush laughs.

Worn has also built a community of 6,000+ women who gather for events called “F*it” - a place for real storytelling about the hard things no one talks about in an effort to learn from each other's successes and failures.

“The message we wanted to send, is that you’re not alone in these things, even though any entrepreneur or woman in a position of power can feel super lonely at times, “ Rush said.

First Lady Michelle Obama used the organization to produce a one-minute video for her Let’s Move! Campaign. Rush expressed that this was a huge honor, and she was delighted to have been able to work with the FLOTUS’ team

At the heart of Worn is the sense that women network, build, and rely upon relationships in a way that is sometimes inherently different to men. This is not a weakness. It can be a strength, and Rush states that she has learned to actually become invested in her clients as friends, individuals, and people in order to help them achieve their own personal successes. “I am in charge of our business development. I have found the benefit of forming long term relationships with clients and creating friendships,” she said. Giving back is at the heart of what she does.

"You can’t just take,” Rush said. “The more you understand someone and who they are and what they need the more you can give."

In addition to sharing her knowledge and building up women in business in NYC, Rush occasionally returns to her Alma Mater and makes it a priority to mentor and support other Auburn women. She is a talented and passionate individual who wants to help others achieve success, and is conscious of the strengths of female relationships and the role they play in business. Worn Creative embodies the fact that women can achieve success through helping other women, and this is what we should all strive for in our day-to-day lives. Carolyn Rush is THAT GIRL for her desire to help other women succeed, and her acknowledgement that when women support other women powerful things can happen.

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It’s still tough for women to break through in the business world, but when we support each other we get further. Reach out to a woman doing the job you'd like to be doing someday and ask for their advice. You may be surprised at how excited they are to help.

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Rachel is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and the University of Leeds where she studied Political Communications. She is a passionate advocate of strong friendships, caffeine, social justice, current events, travels and adventures, as well as all things peanut butter. She enjoys watching Parks and Recreation, as well as teaching English to new language learners.


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