Hello, My Name Is...LEADER

This is where it all comes together; everything you've learned about leadership and being brave culminates at a very important intersection: Who Are You, and What Are You Going To Do About It? This week is all about YOU. We feel confident that you are already a leader, and we want to help you discover that as well.

In your chapter meetings, we're walking you through some activities that will guide you through finding your leadership identity in a collaborative way, but these are also great activities to practice on your own! They are here for you to enjoy solo if you'd like.

Activity 1: Brand Promise Activity

Discussion Q’s

  • What are some prominent brands? (Nike, Apple, etc.)
  • What is their ‘brand promise’ – what do they sell? (i.e. Nike sells COURAGE, Apple sells INNOVATION)
  • What do YOU ‘sell’? What are you talented at, passionate about, working towards that you want to give to the world?        

Brand Promise Map: As a group, create a visual representation of all the words and phrases that describe your personal brand promises individually. Look for overlaps and trends in your words + phrases; what does that say about your group?

Activity 2: Tweet Yo’Self

In 140 characters or less, write out a description of who you are as a leader. Be as detailed as you want to be within the character limit, and stay true to your own brand promise.

What's Your Leadership Style?

Take the Transformational Leadership Survey to discover your leadership style! Once you've taken the survey, you can score your results using the Scoring Sheet.

BONUS: Take it at the same time as a friend and then share your results. Do you agree or disagree? Do you feel connected to the leadership style description? How would YOU describe your leadership style instead?

Journal Prompts

  • What are some experiences you have had that shaped your passions and interests?
  • What scares you about pursuing your passions and purpose?
  • We all have examples of the type of leader to not be. Sometimes we encounter people whose brand promise turns out to be just a selling point. What has been your experience with this?


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