Gut Check! Have You Found Your Passion?

By: Ashley Drummonds, Regular Contributor

Occasionally, I get in these deep thoughts, ok not occasionally, it happens all the time and today I decided to actually talk to you all about it. I am a deep thinker and quite often I reflect on life and the whole purpose of being here. I recently went to Chicago for a very intense business conference full of successful business owners from all over the world. I got to meet individuals in the fitness industry all the way to the auto sales industry who told their story of how they made their first million to now making well over 30 million a year. Some speakers were incredibly inspiring and encouraged me to be a better person, and others left me feeling bored and needing another cup of coffee to get me through the whole speech.

As I sat in a room of well over 500 people all listening for ways to network and build successful businesses, one thing I noticed more than anything else is that the majority of the people in the room didn’t seem genuinely happy with their life despite reaching a high level of financial success. First thing I asked after finding out what each person did was: “Do you enjoy what you do?” Surprisingly, the majority of them gave a response of “Ehh I enjoy the money I make” or “Yeah I guess, it’s what made me successful.” Only a handful of these individuals actually seemed to enjoy this life they had created for themselves. When I asked what they would do if it wasn’t for money, their answers were something completely different! I know these individuals are not the only ones who ignore that gut instinct or that inner calling of their purpose in life simply for the financial goal of having money. I bet you do the exact same thing because I have done it too. So how do you know if you are following your gut and intuition or if you are simply focused on a steady income and being successful?


1.Your Gut Instinct will be followed by feelings of excitement, passion, and enthusiasm. People tend to light up when they talk about their passions and what they feel deeply called to do. When it is just work, you can see and sense the monotony and boredom in their demeanor.

2. Your Gut Instinct is usually your first response. If I asked you right now, what would you do if money were not an issue? Without thinking you have 3 seconds to answer. That response is usually your gut because your natural intuition doesn’t require effort and thinking. That’s why it’s called INSTINCT!

3. Something that is “right” and is your natural calling has no time limit. When you are in the natural flow of things time will fly by and you aren’t staring at a clock counting down the hours till you get to leave or quit like most people do at a “job.” What is it that you do that time just flies by and you get kind of “lost” in?

You may have more then one passion and one natural gut instinct and you may have one that is stronger than others. There are a few things that I get lost in and could do all day every day without getting bored- writing, music, talking to people/relationship building, exercise, educating and inspiring new business owners, and traveling. Things that I stare at a clock and can’t wait to be done with are usually anything that requires web/computer work, things that are redundant or the same every day, staring at a TV, running, financial reports, etc…just to give you an example. We all have different talents and different callings so don’t compare yours to anyone else, but just ask yourself those questions and use the 3 key points to figure out if you are living through your natural intuition or if you are in “work” mode just doing what is necessary to get by. The more you listen to your gut, the stronger that muscle becomes and the more life will direct you to where you need to be!

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It's ok if you feel you haven't found your passion or calling, it just means you might need to do a little more tuning into what makes YOU super happy!

  • Like Ashley suggests, try noticing times when you are involved in something where you feel energized, excited, challenged, and that time simply zips by OR that you can imagine doing day after day. Listen to your gut/instinct and you'll be well onto finding your passion in no time!

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