We've all been there: sucked into the gossip vortex, throwing low blows about what someone did/wore/said/tweeted. Not our best look, right? It's been part of our culture for so long we don't even realize we're doing it half the time. We can do better, we can BE better.

Let's Chat

  • Talking about others can be a reflection of the way we talk and think about ourselves. Why do we feel the need to gossip? What truths are we revealing about ourselves in these moments?
  • Describe a time where you bonded with a friend over gossip. Could you bond just as easily by saying nice things about people?
  • What does media teach us about gossip?
  • How has gossip impacted you negatively? How did you work through this experience?
  • Challenge: Change the conversation. Research shows that gossip negatively affects the brain and literally alters the way you feel about a person. How do you think your friends would react if the next time they started gossiping about someone, you flipped it and changed the conversation around to be positive? You could say, "Who knows what she might be going through." Or "I actually like her style." Or simply just change the subject. Do you think it would be challenging? Scary? Brave?





Gossip Makes Up 80% of Our Conversations

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