Give Back

Imagine a world where everyone gives as much as they take. What would be possible? Everything! Feeling like we have a purpose lights us up from the inside out! You want to talk about confidence? Make an impact on someone's life, you'll feel unstoppable! You have the power to change the entire world, to leave it better than you found it! And guess what? We’re doing it together!

Let's Chat

  • What cause/issue are you passionate about? What are you doing to be involved? What can others do?
  • What can you do every day to make an impact? Where else can you give back (eg. school, family, friends)?
  • Who are some of your heroes involved in inspiring work or good deeds? What makes them awesome?
  • Why do you think we hear more bad news than good news? How can we inspire more people to give back?





From Darkness to Light: How One Afghan Girl Struggled for a Better Future

Maria Keller, 13-Year-Old Minnesota Girl, Donates 1 Million Books

10 Teenage Girls Who Have Changed the World




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