Our Girl Code


Welcome to the IATG Family! I AM THAT GIRL is a space for girls to connect, inspire, share, lead, create, and support each other. We are all responsible for making sure this place is a safe, inclusive space of love, respect, and acceptance for all.

Here is what we ask you to agree to:

Rock Your Brave: Share your bold and beautiful self with this community. Be vulnerable, be honest.

Rock Your Kindness: Judging is such a snooze, not really cool. Listen to each other with an open mind and open heart.

Rock Your Support: Lift each other up and everyone wins.

Rock Your SELF: Express who you are and OWN it with your original content!

Rock Your Voice: Speak your truth, share your ideas, ask your questions. This is a place to have conversations about things that matter.

Rock Your Safety: Mind and protect your privacy, because you’re worth it! Respect the privacy of others, too.

Rock Your Respect: Remember that YOU’RE someone else’s role model, so keep it on the appropriate side. It’s not that we always have to agree, it’s just that respect is the best/only way to disagree powerfully.

ROCK THIS WORLD: Most importantly, BE YOU.

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