We are taking care of every little detail to make sure that #GIRL2017 will be the MOST fun, MOST exciting, and MOST safe event you’ve ever been to! As we get closer to the event, you will be the first to know all the amazing details - keep checking this page for more information to be added. For now, just focus on arranging your travel to Los Angeles! If you or your parent/guardian have any questions about anything, please feel free to email us at girl@iamthatgirl.com.


So...#GIRL2017 costs money this year. What does that get me? Literally everything you need for the entire time! Meals, lodging, bedding, snacks, support, community, sunshine...all of it! The only things we don't have are private jets, so, you are responsible for all costs associated with getting to LA whether by plane, train, or foot. Also, if you plan on coming to LA earlier or staying later, you will need to arrange that lodging on your own. Otherwise, we gotchu!


Where and when is the event taking place?

#GIRL2017 is taking place July 17 - 19 at Loyola Marymount University. All of the sessions, meals, and lodging will be right on campus, all together! Kind of like an IATG-style summer camp. We will pair you with a roommate as soon as our RSVP count reaches capacity! The festivities will begin at 12:00pm on July 17 and we will say our goodbyes at 5:00pm on July 19. (sad face)


Speaking of capacity...how many of us will be there? We are expecting 300 members and leaders to attend.


What if my mom wants to come?

Just like our chapter program, all of the programming and materials for #GIRL2017 will be geared towards girls ages 14-22. We also will have chaperones and staff on site at all times, to make sure everyone stays safe. More of this is detailed out on the ticket form under the waiver, but if you or your parent/guardian have any questions, they can email girl@iamthatgirl.com.


I know that IATG Local Chapters are for girls ages 14-22, but I'm a Chapter Member of a Community Chapter outside of that age range! Can I still come?

Yes! You are a part of this movement and we need your presence at #GIRL2017! You are essential in helping us grow this community and we need you to join us in finding girls in your communities to launch more chapters. While the focus of the program will be for girls ages 14-22, it's people like YOU who can help us reach more of them.  So get to this event, and show up for the girls who are following in your footsteps!


How should I get to LA?

The airports nearest to Los Angeles are: LAX (most popular), Burbank, Ontario, John Wayne, and Long Beach Airport.


And how will I get from LAX to Loyola Marymount? More info coming soon!


If I'm driving in, what is the parking situation? Parking costs $10 a day at LMU, and more info can be found here!


Okay, so how am I going to convince my family + friends to help me pay for this?!

We know it feels like a lot to ask, but trust us when we say that the people who love you will be thrilled to have an opportunity to support you! We have a lot of fundraising tips and we are here to help you. For example:

  • Create a GoFundMe page! One easy way to crowd-fund an event for yourself is through the easy-to-use platform, GoFundMe. Rachel created an example page that you can use as a guide when you create yours! Make sure to talk about WHO we are at IATG, and WHY this event is special to you! Here is Rachel’s GoFundMe page. And here is a tutorial from GoFundMe on creating successful campaigns.

  • Get the word out! Share your fundraising page on your social media pages! Here is some helpful language you can use:  "It is really hard to ask for money for yourself... especially when you like to do everything on your own. But I promise I am worth investing in & so is the amazing organization I am working with. If everyone donated just $1 it would get me to my goal. Please donate & share (LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE)"

  • Email your family + friends directly! Another way to get the word out is to email your family + friends to let them know how to help you. Check out THIS PAGE with helpful tips and language that you can use when you create your emails and post on social media.


What's the low-down on the safety of the location?!

Loyola Marymount is a truly wonderful university that will be completely secure during the event! While at #GIRL2017, you will be in the trusted hands of a fully-fledged event security staff as well as IATG volunteers and chaperones. So all you have to worry about is having the time of your life!


What should I bring with me to sunny Southern California?

Bring anything you'd need for a 3 day period of time - clothing, comfortable shoes, toiletries, and medicine. Beyond the basics, we recommend bringing books or journals for downtime, or any snacks that you might need that are particular to your dietary restricitions (but we'll do the best we can to be inclusive!)

As far as clothing goes, it’s safe to say that the weather will be pleasant and perfect on the warmer side, because that’s what we are #blessed with here in LA. You can plan on it being somewhere between 75 - 85 degrees with pretty low humidity, if any.

Like all of our IATG events, you can expect lots of hugging, spontaneous dancing, and intentional movement with our beautyFULL bodies, like yoga or aerobics! We want you to be your most comfortable self, so pack clothes that make you feel free and beautyFULL!


I want to extend my trip into a mini-vacation! What are some fun things to do in LA?

Great idea! We love LA and we think you will too. Here are some fun things to do near the event to make your trip even more exciting:

The Grove 

Beach it up!

Griffith Observatory

Hike the Hollywood Sign

Arts District in DTLA


Museums, gardens, music events, and more! Discover LA has some great tips.


I'm not in an IATG Local Chapter, but I'd love to volunteer! Can I help? YES! Please fill out this form to apply!

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