Defining Brave Leadership


How do you define BRAVE? Do you define it like Webster: "having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty"? Or is it a definition tied more to emotions, such as feeling calm, confident, and courageous? 

Sometimes we need bravery in order to tackle hard situations. Life throws all kinds of surprises at us, and we have to muster up enough strength to show up for it. There are seasons of change that put all of our 'brave' to the test; changing schools, choosing a major, ending a relationship, or learning a new skill -- all kinds of instances that require huge acts of bravery.

But there are also tiny moments of bravery, where the situations aren't as obvious. 'Brave' looks a little different sometimes, and we can honor that too. Maybe brave looks like just getting out of bed some days. Maybe brave is simply choosing to look in the mirror and express love + adoration for the person looking back at you. 

This is how leadership works, too. Sometimes we are called upon to be leaders in very big ways, like being the Student Body President, or the Caption of your soccer team. Those  roles can require huge amounts of leadership, in very overt ways. But there are also tiny moments of leadership, where we can (and should!) be leaders. 

This week, we are all about discovering what it means to be a BRAVE LEADER. And discovering the BRAVE LEADER that -- spoiler alert -- you already are.



Let's start at square one. We want you to find someone who you feel comfortable with, and interview them...all about YOU. The best part of having a supportive crew is giving them the opportunity to speak truth into your life. Find that person, then use this worksheet as a guide for a conversation. There is only one rule for this interview: do not deny or refute any of the positive qualities they share about you. If it's true - say 'thank you' and let your soul soak up the magic, baby.



All of this brave leadership talk can require a lot of reflection. Here are some journal prompts for you as you continue to define what this means for you:

  • How do you reflect bravery in your life?

  • When were some times when you wish you had been more of a leader? What could you have done differently?

  • What are some  behaviors you can commit to that align with the type of leader you want to be?



Brave Leadership by Kimberly Davis -- We've got lots of love for this book! If you're looking for a read that will up-level your confidence and how you relate to people, this is it. It unpacks all of the themes from this week's curriculum -- and more.

The One You Feed Podcast, with Simon Sinek -- In this episode, Simon discusses what it takes to be a leader to the people around you. He unpacks listening as a super power, how to keep others safe, and why empathy is a critical characteristic of leaders. 



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