Dear Dad

By Rachel Benbrook, Guest Blogger                                               June 24, 2015

Dear Dad:

I look up to you more than I think you will ever realize. You’ve given me the ability to be strong and confident in myself.

You stepped up and coached my basketball teams and attended every dance recital. You never missed a thing, and I have learned what loyalty means from watching you. You have always been a loyal husband, son, and friend to everyone else in your life, and I’ve learned the value of family and loyalty from you and all you do.


You value tradition, always preserving your family’s traditions, and making new ones with us. You take us to Colorado every summer where we make memories as a family and create lasting bonds as we grow.

You have always cared for our family. In addition, you have always cared for others.  I have watched your selfless sense of devotion to helping our community. You run your business with integrity, and you showcase love to everyone you meet. It makes me increasingly proud to say that I am your daughter.

Your outgoing nature has shown me how to treat others, and I know that every ounce of self-confidence I have, I have inherited from you.  Thanks to watching you, I have the ability to speak in front of large crowds. I have learned how to present myself, and how to speak to others from your constant encouragement in my abilities and me.

You have always encouraged me to chase my dreams, and you serve as the biggest role model in my life.

I look up to you more than you know.

The relationship of a father to a daughter is one of the most important that you can ever have. I can say I have been blessed by the most wonderful, most encouraging, most loving father a girl could ask for.

I only hope to be half the parent that you have been to me one day.

I love you dad. 


About Rachel

RACHEL_BENBROOK.jpgRachel is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and the University of Leeds where she studied Political Communications. She is a passionate advocate of strong friendships, caffeine, social justice, current events, travels and adventures, as well as all things peanut butter. She enjoys watching Parks and Recreation, as well as teaching English to new language learners. 

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