THAT GUY - he's the guy who remind us of our worth when we forget, the one who speaks on our behalf to other guys, the one who protects us and loves us for the powerhouses that we are. Surround yourself with these angels, encourage them, love on them, and have their back, too.

Let's Chat

  • Tell us about some real men in your life.
  • What traits and characteristics in guys do you admire and look for in friends and relationships?
  • What role do guys play in building confidence in girls?
  • How can guys influence each other to build girls up rather than break them down?
  • How is it beneficial to involve guys in the I AM THAT GIRL conversation?
  • IATG is all about including guys in the conversation about girls. Do you ever compete with guys or compare girls to guys? If so, does that hurt or help girls?





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