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Woohoo, you found a chapter near you! Are you doing your happy dance yet?? Now is your chance to belong to a community that will have your back, lift you up, see your greatness, and listen to what you have to say. It's a community that not only lives in your town, but exists all around the world. Joining a local chapter will light you up from the inside out - you will get to express, discover and love exactly who you are alongside girls doing the same. You will be part of a culture that stands for each other and speaks whatever truth there is to share, without limitations.

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  • Carly Calbreath
    commented 2017-09-29 10:24:43 -0700
    My name is Carly and I am a staff member of Amnesty International USA (https://www.amnestyusa.org/), part of a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. I’ve been a big fan of I AM THAT GIRL ever since I read Alexis Jones’ book. Uplifting and supporting girls and their leadership capacity is crucial to building a better world and I’m thankful for groups like yours.

    I wanted to reach out to you because Amnesty International is currently seeking volunteer leaders with lobbying experience to take up the role of State Legislative Coordinator (LC) in Colorado! LC’s help us do lobby trainings for local groups and stay in contact with regional representatives. We offer training, issue-briefs, coaching, contact information, access to government officials, campaign strategies and more for these volunteers. If you or any of your members have lobbied before and are interested, please apply here or share this opportunity across your communities: http://bit.ly/VolunteerLC

    For a little bit more about this position, check out our recruitment video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAuyGbvLVfs&t=

    Please feel free to email or call me if you have any further questions!

    Carly D Calbreath

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Legislative Coordinator Recruiter

    Member Leadership and Training Unit

    Amnesty International USA

    5 Penn Plaza 16th Floor

    New York, NY, 10001

    212.239.7321 @CarlyDreme
  • Danielle Davis
    followed this page 2017-07-29 10:33:13 -0700
  • Jacquline Talbert
    commented 2016-10-28 14:46:11 -0700
    As a woman I try to empower those around me because I see how woman are told “no you cant”. Well, yes I can and so can anyone else and people deserve to be empowered to do more, see more, and be more. We need to stop the culture that tells women who they should be and what they can or cannot do. We need to start standing up for who and what we are, and do the things that others say we cant.

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