Woohoo, you found a chapter near you! Are you doing your happy dance yet?? Now is your chance to belong to a community that will have your back, lift you up, see your greatness, and listen to what you have to say. It's a community that not only lives in your town, but exists all around the world. Joining a local chapter will light you up from the inside out - you will get to express, discover and love exactly who you are alongside girls doing the same. You will be part of a culture that stands for each other and speaks whatever truth there is to share, without limitations.


Chapter Contact Form - Chicago

  • Mallika Vinekar
    commented 2018-10-11 19:16:25 -0700
  • Lauren Farinelli
    commented 2018-10-06 05:54:19 -0700
    I was incredibly inspired by the book and sense of community I felt in the pages alone. I am relatively new to Chicago and have always wanted to find a way to connect with people in similar places as I am. As well as having a desire to develop friendships and give what I have to support other women in my local community.
  • Stacy McClain
    commented 2018-03-23 09:14:35 -0700
    I am so excited to join this chapter! I love surrounding myself with inspiring and uplifting individuals who aren’t afraid to get deep and real, those who follow their dreams and support others in achieving theirs, those who speak out against something that is wrong and work towards being the change, and those that believe they have the power to do anything. It gives me the motivation to keep going, and reminds me what truly matters in life. This is a movement, and I am so glad to be apart of it!
  • Jill Dreisilker
    commented 2018-03-15 10:55:23 -0700
    I love when I find organizations that seem to speak directly to me! I’ve been working towards a career in a direction just like this, helping women gain control of their lives, provide self-improvement resources and mentors and most importantly, be a REAL model to show women how to treat themselves, others and live their fullest, most joyful lives.
  • Trudy Weber
    commented 2017-09-17 09:19:53 -0700
    I am beyond thrilled to join a welcoming, inspiring, bold, safe, and heartwarming community that I Am That Girl is making across the world. It is essential to lift others up as we journey through life and I believe this wonderful organization is doing that every day. It will be an honor to meet other women hoping to do the same and in return become a better versions of myself along the way.
  • Alexandra Wallace
    commented 2017-09-05 05:10:50 -0700
    I am excited about joining a community of Like-minded women supporting amc encouraging each other while helping young women and girls realise and fulfill their potential. As women, we could all use a little empowerment and love. I’d love to be a pet of a community that continues that aligns with my personal values and continues to spread love.
  • Kari Padilla
    commented 2017-08-23 23:22:03 -0700
    What excites me about joining an IATG chapter is that I get to be a part of an amazing sisterhood that encourages many to be whoever they want to be and be a positive mentor for others. Moreover, I’m also excited to meet such strong and amazing women that can help me become a much better leader.
  • Danielle Davis
    commented 2017-08-01 12:10:48 -0700
  • Danielle Davis
    followed this page 2017-07-29 10:52:40 -0700
  • Laura Gutierrez
    commented 2017-07-26 07:47:33 -0700
    I am always interested in helping others and mentoring others to be the best self and pass it forward. I am most excited about connecting with others and helping create projects to help life young women to be strong leaders!
  • Brittany Purtell
    commented 2017-07-25 12:07:50 -0700
    So excited! I am wanting to join a community that lifts others up, and communicates openly and effectively! I am looking for a space to express myself and hear others greatness.
  • Jessica Hernandez
    commented 2017-07-18 19:36:37 -0700
    I’ve always wanted to help others and lift others up . I love that in IATG we can be a part of an empowering atmosphere of strong and passionate women as well as helping and lifting up other women and girls . I’m excited to be a part of IATG community and to meet and learn from other girls!
  • Colleen Dumke
    commented 2017-07-11 21:43:17 -0700
    I would love to meet like-minded, positive, and powerful women who empower and support each other through everything in life.
  • Precious Walker
    commented 2017-07-05 10:35:48 -0700
  • Hayley Smallwood
    commented 2017-03-31 12:14:39 -0700
    I have always wanted to find a way to make a difference and to help empower people. As a recruiter, I would love to lead by example and show women in my company that I care about them, I want to empower them…and heck, I could use a little light myself. I think this is a wonderful way for me to find fulfillment in a cause I truly truly care about and to meet some amazing women.
  • Nikki Jarvis
    commented 2017-02-24 09:24:06 -0800
    I am excited to be taking action with a group of girls who are ready to inspire and change social norms that have been taught to young women.
  • Rosie Beechen
    commented 2017-02-14 11:13:25 -0800
    I am in the middle of reading Alexis Jones book and it opened my eyes, to the things that have been holding me back. I am ready to take ACTION! to inspire and connect with women in my community to encourage them to overcome any fear of rejection and failure & not let these things dominate their perception. To lift each other up, to make progress and take action on achieving my dreams and support others to achieve theirs. I’d love to spend time volunteering and meeting everyone with a positive mindset and making our city a better place
  • Beth Holler
    commented 2017-01-20 17:42:31 -0800
    I am excited to get more immersed in the IATG family. Myself and my friend Cecilie tried to start our own chapter but it didn’t work out. We didn’t want to leave the IATG family so we decided we’d like to join a chapter. I am so excited to meet the girls in this chapter and learn from them.
  • Shamilya Woods
    commented 2016-11-10 10:09:57 -0800
    This organization aligns so well with my mission and vision as an author, as a speaker and an educator. I want to mentor and work with girls on their confidence on their education and their self-esteem. I have a 12 year old daughter who would really benefit from being apart of this organization.
  • Ariel Araiza
    commented 2016-10-19 16:04:18 -0700
    I love everything this club represents.
  • Allie LeFevere
    commented 2016-10-10 19:18:35 -0700
    There is nothing that matters more than knowing, without one shred of a doubt, that we are enough. And having a supportive community of women to help foster and solidify that belief? Well, that’s the icing on the cake.

    Would love to learn how I can get more involved in the CH chapter!
  • Rachel Reinholm
    commented 2016-07-18 18:58:31 -0700
    I love EVERYTHING this movement represents! I want to spread more love and generosity in this world! I want to make a difference. Lift each up, inspire, and be supportive!
  • Claire Conard
    commented 2016-06-14 14:28:51 -0700
    I’m excited to be surrounded by women who lift themselves and each other up. I want to be part of a positive movement to shift how women view themselves!
  • Christina Mooney
    commented 2016-06-04 14:30:23 -0700
    We can survive as a community without conversation and support.
  • Janine Myers
    commented 2016-05-08 16:19:10 -0700
    The possibility of finding a community of women to connect with and uplift!
  • Katie McLaughlin
    commented 2016-04-24 20:50:47 -0700
    I am very excited about the opportunity to join an amazing community of young women who want to pursue their passions, and in so doing hope to leave the world better than we found it.

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