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Why Do You Support IATG?

I support I AM THAT GIRL because I was raised by a woman who was raised by a woman who was raised by a woman that embodied the idea of girl power. When I began my journey with I AM THAT GIRL I wanted to be a front runner in changing girl culture so that my niece, little sisters and little cousins can grow up in a world where girls compliment each other on the street for their smile instead of looking away at one another. Once I became more connected and involved I felt as if I had met my soul mates, and they were all tucked away in tiny nooks and crannies of the world that I could have never imagined. The IATG community has allowed me to show the pieces of myself that are still a work in progress, while celebrating the pieces of me that are more concrete. I have learned to celebrate my victories and honor my vulnerabilities. The year is 2015 and we are more connected than ever and more disconnected from ourselves than ever. It is time to change that and I AM THAT GIRL is taking the lead. It is time to plug in to ourselves. It is time to power up ourselves!


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Hi beautyFULL ladies!

I am so excited to have you in this sisterhood along with myself and hundreds of girls across the world who is ready to shake, move and make this world dance. As the chapter president of Fort Collins, my main mission is to make I AM THAT GIRL not just a moment in your week, but a movement in your life. I don't want to give away all of the secrets of this amazing, magical chapter, so come check us out! If you are interested in joining and want to know more information, shoot me an email.

I cannot wait to connect with you all and give you the biggest hug!



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