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  • Jerod Hannah
    commented 2018-02-21 10:10:37 -0800
    Hello Oakville Chapter of I am that Girl,

    My name is Jerod Hannah and I am the Coordinator of Youth Engagement & Community Initiatives with the YMCA of Oakville.

    We are in the process of planning female empowerment workshops for our Together as Girls after-school programs.

    I am looking to partner with a local female empowerment group to lead our Together as Girls program through an after-school workshop to help them feel more empowered. I am not sure if this is something you do, but please let me know if this is something you are interested in.

    Thank you for all the great work you do to empower the women of our community, and I look forward to speaking with you.


    Jerod Hannah
  • Sadie Brown
    commented 2017-09-17 08:15:30 -0700
  • Danielle Davis
    followed this page 2017-07-29 09:40:45 -0700
  • Lyndsay Dean
    commented 2017-02-12 09:07:38 -0800
    I feel so passionate on the subject of girls supporting girls. Every single day, I aspire to build other women up. I think that babes should always support babes! For too long, we’ve been pit against each other, we’ve been made to compete. It’s time that we work together, to see each other’s beauty, grace, love and to be a support system for each other. So when I discovered IATG, it felt like home! I’m excited at the thought of meeting other girls, of building a feminist support system. I think this could be a really great place for me.

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